Classroom Strategies to Empower Teachers

It is our aim to develop Classroom Strategies to Empower Teachers is committed to increasing students’ engagement, improving students’ achievement and building teachers’ capacity by offering creative instructional ideas that may be easily implemented in the classroom. Gone are the days when teachers are the sole dispenser of information. With the advent of technology, information is readily available with the click of the mouse; consequently, the role of teachers have evolved and teachers cannot afford to be perceived as outdated and irrelevant. Students need passionate teachers to guide them on their learning adventure, and teachers need creative classroom strategies and classroom management ideas to help meet the diverse needs of students who enter their classrooms daily. These classroom strategies to empower teachers have been tried in the classroom and have very good results. The teacher-authors are committed to sharing these ideas with the hope that more students will benefit from their implementation. 

Creative Classroom Strategies is the answer. Here educators will share tried, tested, and proven classroom strategies that ignited or fueled their passion for the profession. Here educators will be able to gain a platform to share results of creative classroom strategies that they have adopted, adapted or created. will offer ideas for Math, Reading, Writing and Science to meet the needs of elementary students across multiple grade levels.

Increasing Rigor, Relevance and Relationships

Whether the educator is a novice teacher or a seasoned professional, will offer ideas that will increase the rigor and relevance  of their content while making the lessons more interactive and engaging for the learners. The result is a win-win situation where students are actively engaged in their learning, building relationships with their teacher and peers, and the teachers are empowered to teach from the power zone. As teachers continue to teach from the power zone the classroom will be transformed. It is an exciting time in education, and will guide you along the journey with relevant blogs, classroom management ideas, technology concepts and application while giving suggestions for the core subjects.